Delémont: found a suitable projector
Regional concerts with SOULED OUT
Animation at the Comptoir of Delémont in 1972.


Concerts with various past local groups including PHOETUS, AFTER SHAVE, NATURE.


Stay in Africa: outdoor projections in Bitam (Gabon) and Libreville. Travel to South Africa by hitchhiking, with projector and necessary equipment in the backpack: Capetown, Johannesburg: first photographs.


Nothing at all!


Acquisition of a new projector, tests and rediscovery…


Exhibition in Avry-Bourg (PSYCHEDELIA)
10th Anniversary of the Swiss Museum of Puppetry, Fribourg


Rock-Chilbi in Guin at BAD BONN
Artists’ bar decoration in Avenches Rock’Ozarènes
Nights at FRI-SON (Fribourg), at BAD BONN (Düdingen), at EBULLITION (Bulle)



Fries Center, Café de l’Univers, Belluard Festival.


Concert tour with the ARBORIGINAL Fribourg rock group at EBULLITION (Bulle), at ROTE FABRIK (Zürich), NEW WORLD (Fribourg), MASQUED CITRONS (Yverdon) and Festival du Gibloux.

Techno goa raves PSYBERPUNKNIGHTS at the DAMPFZENTRALE (Bern), at MAD (Lausanne) and the Reitschule Bern

Participation in the ARTS FESTIVAL at the VUILLE factory in Fribourg (3 days of performance with exhibition and 3 concerts with ARBORIGINAL).

Concerts with the singer Gisèle Favre in Gruyère (Albeuve and Broc)

Techno goa raves PSYBERPUNKNIGHTS at the DAMPFZENTRALE (Bern), at the MAD (Lausanne) and at the Reitschule in Bern

Participation to the FÊTE DES ARTS at the factory VUILLE in Fribourg (3 days of performance with exphibition and 3 gigs with ARBORIGINAL).

Concerts with the singer Gisèle Favre in Gruyère (Albeuve and Broc)


Concert with Trilok Gurtu at the Mad de Lausanne

Evenings in Chill Out at Mad and Voile d’Or in Lausanne

Rainbow of Love party with Funkopath at Reitschule Bern

Activities in centers for the disabled in the canton of Fribourg

Animation of the closing ceremony of the Lycée Jean Piaget at the Patinoire du littoral in Neuchâtel (1500 people)

Rock Chilbi at BAD BONN from Guin


Participation at the Street Parade 2000 in Zurich: (house & ambient) Bombshell NiteArt organized by MOP-Events


Evenings with Guruntao, percussion group at La Pointe de Trévignon (Finistère, France).


Concerts with TIZI in Romont. Meeting with al comet at Aventic.02


Concerts with TIZI in Bulle. Concerts in Fribourg, at home in Marly (beautiful neighbourhood party!), In Neuchâtel, Bienne and Geneva


Tour in Freiburg, Basel, Geneva, Lucerne, Moutier and Zurich with Young Gods + Jeremy Narby. Concert in Delémont


Concert with in St Germain en Laye (F)


Bars’Tour with al comet:

Concerts in Fribourg, Belfaux, Martigny, Montana (Caprices festival)


Special effects shooting for Pipilotti Rist’s Pepperminta


Vevey: performance at the Vevey theatre in the « Vintage » choreographic show with reminox


Bulle music festival with al comet

Vevey: performance at the Vevey theatre in the choreographic show « Come see and see, HA, HA, HA! With reminox

Concerts with al comet, renamed Mahadev Cometo in Varanasi (India)

Concert at Bad Bonn in Guin


Concerts with Mahadev Cometo
Cully Jazz Festival (Hundred Blue Bottle Club) Basement Fribourg


Concerts with Mahadev Cometo

Münsingen, Basel, Saignelégier, Paris, Monthey, Fribourg

Recording for the video « Bark of Time » with Progstone


Concerts with Mahadev Cometo
Fribourg, Martigny, Schaffhausen, Boom Festival Portugal, Kathmandu, Varanasi, New Delhi


Concerts in India with Mahadev Cometo
New Delhi, Goa, Hampi, Bangalore


Liquid Lights Workshop at the Universität der Künste in Berlin
Interview (in German)
Lightshow at the Kater Blau in Berlin
Concerts in Switzerland
on the Island of Ogoz and in Lausanne


12 days of ice and northern wind at the Festival of Lights of Murten
Animation in Lausanne (District House of the Pontaise)
Animation of a concert in Wilderness (South Africa)


Animation at the Jubilee Matu 68 in Porrentruy
Concert with Namaïga in Fribourg


Basel, Vereinslokal with merlinsliquidlights
Evening at the Montécu Camping Festival
BadBonn, Düdingen with DJ Stritt


Fribourg: Namaïga CD opening at the Spirale
Last minute projection at BadBonn in Düdingen

Défilement vers le haut